Samoan Reggae: J. Boog – Backyard Boogie



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Straight outta Compton comes J. Boog with his awaited debut “Backyard Boogie“, and his Hawaiian sounding reggae album is full of  laid back tunes, full of mellow crooners that are a bit too sweet for the average european flavour and this time of year, but nonetheless they fit the pacific feel and will do just to the island state of mind . I have a certain weakness for Samoan & Hawaiian reggae music, since thats pretty much the only online radio (or radio in general) i listen to. Two of my favourites:

j. boog – lets do it again

j. boog – untitled track

j. boog – hawaiian pakalolo (feat. jah maoli and spawnbreezie)

J. Boog on facebook / pic by D. Umale

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