PSA: 4 YUM YUM dates this weekend



*** The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Or in our case EARS. *** Took a break from djing in 2013 & 14 and back on the ball this summer. *** The authentic self is the soul made visible / hearable.

On friday its happening in Düsseldorf, and Saturday in Munich, Stuttgart & Duisburg. We all drank too much awesome juice and are ready to fly the lands. Tand Williams & D-Nice in DDorf & Duisburg. Chrome & Notfx in Munich, Max in Stuttgart! Not too long anymore before chromemusic, gets a whole new face, look & especially speed! I want to thank Marki, Timo, Ray, Nico Danny & everybody involved for your patience and your much appreciated help! Its gonna be much more than a pure music blog in a short bit and its gonna have an ever evolving skin and feel. Pretty much how i always wanted it. The Turntables are gonna blow your mind BTW. But i am talking too much about stuff thats bound to happen. Join us this weekend and come down to YUM YUM – happening North, West and South this weekend in Germany. I am back in Love with the turntables and looking so much fwd to play. See you soon and ps enjoy the tunes we put online. Good stuff :)

PSA: Summers finally about to start + 2 dates
PSA: new design, back to dubplates, read on!

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