YUM YUM Shanghai, looking for toys at Retro Exhibition



*** The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Or in our case EARS. *** Took a break from djing in 2013 & 14 and back on the ball this summer. *** The authentic self is the soul made visible / hearable.

There is a toy exhibition of old asian, retro looking toys, robots and memorabilias taking place. Our man Kamikaze who is also a talented grph artists will go down and check it out. they already started talks – he is gonna try to take some pictures and create a similar looking YUM YUM feel to create their own East-asian artwork. really looking forward to his pictures. Read the full report.

Ps. READ THIS! (lol) : A note on finding the place: the warehouse space is down an alley way located at 767 Wanhangdu Lu. Take your cab to Kangding Lu and Wanhangdu Lu, and walk south along Wanhangdu Lu towards Wuding Lu (it’s in the middle of that block). There should be a blue balloon on the “767” address sign of the alleyway on the left side of the street, facing south.

Go into that alley way and walk about 70 feet down, and the space is in a building on your left. There should be someone there directing you and another blue balloon.

YUM YUM Shanghai Line Up
Shanghai Blitzreview

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